This listing is my personal listing for April 2020. I will update it twice a month. Are you looking for Japanese mistresses listing? Here we go… ( Mario voice )

Mistress Natsukiss smart Business woman. 

Mistress Natsuki is a veteran mistress. She is also doing a lot of works for sex worker rights in Japan.  She is probably one of the most famous dominatrix in Japan. She adepts a healthy lifestyle as she is training as a bodybuilder athlete. She is tweeting a lot in English. She is polite and friendly. What else ?

Mistress Ran my crush from Tokyo 

Two weeks ago, I did not know Mistress Ran. Two weeks ago, I should have been in Japan. As I had to cancel my trip due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I decided to start a blog, and I was contacted by Royal Blue SM. Guess what folks? Mistress Ran is working at Royal Blue. Mistress Ran is into a healthy lifestyle, as she loves to workout.



She is not your typical Japanese girl as she is fit, and has muscle. 

However, I don’t know why I had a crush on her. I love her face, and her body is just perfect. I love her back muscle and her legs. 


We talked a bit, and she was very friendly.

Mistress Chloe Japanese doll 

Mistress chloe has German and Japanese blood. She looks like a doll. She is a cute sadist Doll.

Well, she mays look like a doll, but she is the kind of doll that will hurt you till you beg for mercy.

Guess what she is doing ???

Mistress Kano rubber queen 

Mistress Kano loves rubber, she looks good in rubber catsuit or corset. If you are into rubber, then Mistress Kano is your bee queen.

Mistress Bakudyan and her lovely legs

Mistress Bakudyan is a bit chubby, as she is not skinny or petite Asian woman. However, she is really my type of Dominatrix, cute eyes, good makeup ,and a huge ass. 

I wish I could have Dokodemo Door to meet her as soon as possible. 


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