I can’t believe it is already been 9 years since I met Mistress Kano. She is still working at club-fin. She is one of the most gorgeous Japanese lady I have ever met.

I remember the first time I saw her, I was waiting at the coca-cola vending machine, she was so gorgeous. 9 years ago, I was broke, I could not enjoy Fetish club as much as I wanted. 9 years later, I still remember every minutes I spent with her.

Thanks a lot mistress Kano. 

Kano Sama has a rubber fetish, and she really enjoys wearing rubber catsuit and other lingerie. And trust me she looks good wearing them.

She is tall, she knows how to make up, and her ass is perfect. It is been 9 years already, but I still remember how lucky I was to enjoy a facesitting from Mistress Kano.

Mistress Kano speaks fluent English if you are at Osaka please have a session with her at :


Mistress Kano Gallery

Yep she is beautiful and Sexy.


I want to be your toilet

Mistress Kano on twitter

You can follow her on Twitter, she is really active there.

credit photo club-fin and Mistress Kano.


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