Mistress Minami is the owner Aka Mama of one of the most famous SM Bar In Hokkaido. She is cute, smart, and sexy.

She likes Japanese shibaru, cat and sushi.

-Almost as you dear webmaster. 

-I also like cake and getting fat.

If you want to follow her, please add her on Instagram :


If you want to meet her, please go to her SM BAR Roki.

Mistress Minami photos

I have been following Mistress Minami since her debut as a mistress at Karaido when she was still student. However, as I was broke as hell, I never had the chance to meet her. Since Then, I have always been a huge fan of Minami Sama.

She is probably the cutest Mistress on earth.

No Filter

Minama Sama knows how to make up

I like it when she wears PVC Outfit.

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If you want to see more about Mistress Minami please also follow her on twitter and on her Japanese blog.

credit photo Mistress Minami 虹邑みなみ



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