This afternoon, I was contacted by an SM CLUB on Instagram. As a foreigner, usually, when you are contacting a Japanese SM club, they will not bother replying to your message. Even if you speak fluent Japanese ( JLPT N2 ), sometimes they do not reply.

-For example, a fetish club I spent more than 500 000 JPY did not reply to my message on line.

-Poor webmaster. 

-Indeed I was their number one customer a few years ago.


I was pretty surprised when SM Club Royal Blue replied to my message. To be honest, I did not know this SM club, so I google them. They have very cute Mistresses, not skinny no fat. My kind of Japanese girl. They speak good English, and they look very friendly.

Japan Mistresses at SM Royal Blue

As a photographer, I was shocked by how good the photos were. I wish i could take some photos there on my next trip to Tokyo.

Mistress Ran is my favorite, I can’t wait to meet her in real life. 

I love her legs

Perfect Make, and Perfect photo, I really love Mistress Ran. She even looks better with short hair.

Dear Mistress Ran I love you.

book Session at Royal Blue

To book a session, you have to contact them by email at oyaldawnblue at gmail dot com or in Japanese if you can speak and read Japanese.

Royal Blue on Instagram

Yep the girls are cute cute and cute. That is why I love Japanese mistresses.


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